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Prehistoric Fred

Sculpture made with the combination of metal and ceramic, representing Allonautilus scrobiculatus with a realistic technique.


Dia de los Muertos


Spider Crab

This sculpture seeks to resemble the real shape of the spider crab. Created with car seats, knives and some other miscellaneous pieces.


 Blue Butterfly

A free Spirit in search of a peaceful rest and without interference from the greedy man. The Blue butterfly is an endangered species because how beautiful it is. Let's be aware that our generation may be the last to see it free in the air

Blue butterfly sculpture

 Caballo de Mar

A creature that struggles to exist in the midst of the beast and looks at us in the hope that we will change.

Sea Horse Sculpture

Bonsai Tree

Sculpture representing fortune

Bondai Tree Sculpture


Sculpture made with a realistic technique


Hongo  arcoiris


Beautiful Dead

We express the reality of consumerism. We destroy our environment to create "beautiful things." This sculpture seeks to show how crazy our society is, which only seeks the pleasure of consumption without measuring the consequences that this has on our planet


Rana Dorada

Inspired by the incredible Amazon Golden Frog. A creature that with its tiny size makes any living being tremble.

Golden Frog Sculpture


My childhood

Araña sculpture


The free spirit of the anaconda in the great rivers of the Amazon. An indomitable being that represents the greatness and perfection of the lungs of our planet.

Anaconda Sculpture
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